So today, I had two intriguing experiences and I am sure my senses won’t erase them in a hurry. Firstly, because of my career path, I was in a courtroom and I must say, that no woman should grace the sacred altar of marriage if she is not self-sufficient financially or cannot take care of the children she bears because of that union. You may say, I could as well assert that unprotected sex by any person with financial incapacity should be abolished but you will agree with me and if we choose to be honest, you will agree that  I am only uttering the ‘TRUTH’ and nothing other than it.

Skip the ‘Love’ consideration because that won’t foot a single bill when you start going back and forth in a courthouse asking a fellow adult to pay for your maintenance because you are not self-sufficient. Asking for the upkeep of the children is embraced but crying and creating a scene out of it is intolerable in my opinion especially when you are not aged or incapacitated and could as well work to fend for those children. No child is for a parent rather children are products of the doings of two mature adults. My point exactly is that being a single mother should never be a pitiful situation because marriage and the sex that leads to the offspring are not. Don’t get married and be a liability, be self-sufficient first.

After my Court episode, I stumbled on a truck-like vehicle( not sure of the type because I am not good with vehicles) with many outstretched hands. From the vehicle, voices were screaming ‘Help your Brother na’ and other similar statements. It was a prison vehicle and the persons screaming were prisoners. For some seconds, I stood still like I had been struck by lightning and all the emotions in me were awakened. I instantly recalled the story that went about, of a gala seller that saw a similar vehicle and started giving all his wares to the prisoners. I could not fathom how he did that though, because the holes I could see were not large enough for snacks like that to go through. Since I could nothing because all I had on me was my transport fare back home, I just stared and whispered to myself, ‘The concept of Freedom is really over-rated.

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Princess Obaseki is the face behind Desexpressblog and the founder of @desexpress. She is passionate about helping persons to attain confidence in themselves while striving to do better. She is also a law graduate from the University of Benin amongst others.

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