Last week I promised (via my LinkedIn account) to write a series on law internships with emphasis on my experience. This write-up is in furtherance of that post and the first point of discussion is finance.

The issue of finance is a bit controversial because if you care to listen, you will most often be advised that if you are deficit in finance then you should not do internships outside of your immediate environment. The thing is that most of the top law firms are not in our immediate environment except you live in Lagos or Abuja. In light of this, the issue of finance has to be considered if you are to do internships in any of these cities especially when you do not live there.

Now is it a smart decision to jettison interning in those firms simply because of finance??

My response to this question is three-fold. In that, there are three ways you can avoid the question and get around the solution. Firstly, the issue of finance has been whittled down by the innovation of virtual internships. Virtual internships simply put, are new methods of learning from that your dream law firm with just your data. This form of internship is novel and has been embraced by some of your favorite top law firms. For instance, White & Case LLP.

Secondly, the issue of finance can be addressed through proper planning. That is, saving towards the expenses you are to incur long before you need to incur it. In order to do this, it is pertinent to cultivate a saving habit. Also, there are platforms that aid in doing this. For instance, the popular piggy vest platform.

Thirdly, you could opt for interning in that firm in your locality in the meantime while you save towards interning in your dream firm. Kindly note, that this is not me suggesting that you settle for less as your watchword in making this decision should be the experience. In other words, go to a law firm that will drill you and push you to never get tired of learning the Law. In choosing a firm in your locality, look less at the size and look more at its growth. Don’t go to a moribund firm simply because of its big physical structure. If a firm is not offering you the experience you bargained for, please and please don’t be scared to use the exit door.

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