I remember when I first noticed my phone was faulty again after several repairs in just one year, I felt like I was literally about to die. This feeling drew from the fact that I had a lot to do as par my financial list and based on priority this phone was nowhere near the top or even the middle of that list. My mind started with the many excuses mixed with fear. It went thus, ‘ How am I going to fulfill my writing goals ‘, ‘How am I going to do business’, ‘How will I do this and how will I do that ‘. I had no answer to these questions but knew with certainty that worrying wasn’t the way out of any situation.

The next day I felt a bit more relaxed and learned the ropes of using the phone alongside its faults. Of course, it is impossible to manage it all but like the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race.

I recall having many moments embellished with procrastination in just this year alone. Being in my finals and being so overwhelmed with school work coupled with business. There were times I honestly got tired of failing myself and got bothered because I wasn’t sure if I could succeed and even meet up to the many expectations people had of me. Well, I ended up graduating with a 2:1 from the University because I learned to pick myself up and be my own cheerleader. Or was it when I started my blog about two months ago but kept stalling when it came to writing or posting anything on it. Actually, this is my first post and I had to push myself to do it amidst thoughts such as ‘You have delayed for so long in doing this, why do it at all’, ‘What if your badass idea ends up as a flop’. To be candid, ‘the what ifs’ were many but I decided to do it and smash my goals regardless and I think you should do the same.

My point exactly which is the whole essence of this post is to cheer you out of worrying over that situation. Stop dwelling on what you can’t fix and start managing the situation in the best ways that you can. Remember you are the pilot of your life, decisions,and even generation. You never know the success or failure of that decision you are not making until you give it a try; That business without all the finance you think you need can still be built from scratch if only you can quit worrying and start looking for how to handle the situation; That degree can still be attained without your dream grades if only you can quit worrying about how you flopped and failed and rather start thinking of how to handle the situation.

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Princess Obaseki is the face behind Desexpressblog and the founder of @desexpress. She is passionate about helping persons to attain confidence in themselves while striving to do better. She is also a law graduate from the University of Benin amongst others.


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