So the Restaurant where I ate lunch most often underwent some restructuring and of course, that meant ‘new meals’. Well, the issue was that the owner was barely around and in her stead, there was this younger lady that apparently was an Employee or so she seemed.

I walked in there one afternoon to order one of my usual dishes and the young woman attempted to sell off one of their new meals to me. With a face that lacked smile or any form of enthusiasm, she uttered, ‘We now have fish pepper soup’. Honestly, I was perplexed by such a manner of marketing and had to ask, ‘How is it like?’ and she responded ‘It is sweet ‘ and that was it. Immediately, I felt what the word ‘shocked’ or its synonyms could not describe. Like, how am I suppose to be interested in a new product if you can not even input any effort in selling it off to me? But then, it struck me that things would have played differently if only the owner had been in her restaurant at the time. Of course, I do not blame her for not gracing the restaurant with her presence every minute. She probably had better business to attend to.

The essence of this account is quite simple. Dear business owners, what measures have you put in place to ensure that your employees represent your full interest or at least most of your interests in that establishment of yours?… Is payment of an attractive salary or organization of training for those employees enough? Or are there new tricks to the game that is not so common.

Be that as it may, I am open to new ideas in the comment section.

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